The lecturers of the Faculty of Economics are involved in the international Erasmus+ project related to ensuring the quality of education issue. Project aims:

• To explore ESG and EQAVET European frameworks and their implementation at national levels concerning quality assurance assessment in both Higher Education (HE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET)

• To examine the possible implementation of good practices of the ESG methodology in the EQAVET methodology and vice versa

• To provide recommendations for the potential alignment of the two frameworks

• To deliver a self-assessment tool for HEIs and VET Providers to assist them in investigating their quality assurance processes

Through the project, various actors in the HE and VET field get recommendations and a Quick-Scan tool that will help improve quality assurance procedures and systems. As a result, the curricula and the qualifications of university and VET graduates will be better adjusted to the labour market requirements. We’re waiting for fruitful projects results.